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Acoustic engineering laboratory online

Until now, engineers had to use different tools to successfully carry out our noise, acoustics and vibrations projects. NoiseLab gathers them all in one place.

Calculation and prediction of environmental acoustics

Remote noise monitoring

Silencer design

Analysis, simulation and prediction for acoustic insulation

How can NoiseLab help you

Discover how NoiseLab can help you

Theoretical measurements and calculations, all in one place

To carry out an acoustic insulation study you had to upload measurements, export the data to a spreadsheet, use specific simulation software, export the data again, add it to your spreadsheet, copy the results on to the report... and the same goes for other types of analysis.

NoiseLab integrates them all and puts them in one place: save yourself hours spent in front of the computer and focus on what is really important.


For me, the main advantages of NoiseLab are the time I save handling the data and the sense of security you get by being able to introduce real measurements

Manuel Taborga, Taborga Acoustic Engineering

Predict future scenarios

NoiseLab's advantage over other predictive calculations is that it doesn't just do the theoretical work; it also does field measurements.

Simulates the addition of cladding, floating floors and suspended roofs to optimize solutions. It designs silencers and predicts their attenuation in real-life situations. With NoiseLab, you can obtain field data on ambient levels and test different acoustic barriers.

Environmental acoustics

Architectural acoustics


Future scenario prediction with NoiseLab


Finally! A tool that gives you a sense of security when it comes to predicting acoustic insulation. It's the link that was missing between theory and practice.

Ignacio González, CEO Svantek Spain

Advanced analysis and statistics with NoiseLab

Advanced analysis and statistics

Experience and intuition are intrinsic to the engineering profession. NoiseLab supports experience with real data that helps make informed decisions at all times.

Statistics with NoiseLab

Imagine being able to explain to your clients which areas have the worst acoustic insulation and what will happen after treatment, by using graphics and measured data.

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